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The Mosquito Room
A Brush With Death
Wheel of Death
The Mosquito Room (TMR-VOD)

Starring Marianna Merkulova
A female captive has escaped from a secret military institution.
She is tracked down and dragged back to face her punishment.
Hauled before the Captain she is told she will be and sent to
The Mosquito Room!!!

Film Spec:

File Type: MP4
Size: 267 Mb
Resolution: 1280 x 720 (16x9)
Bit rate: 3533kbps
Frame Rate: 29 fps
Audio: 112kbps Stereo 48 kHz

English Language with English Subtitles
Included in the price is a 22 min

Behind The Scenes Documentary [BTS}.

[Instant Download - No Download Codes required]

The Mosquito Room
A Brush With Death (ABWD-VOD)
A Bitchy Boss kicks out her lazy cleaner which earns the wrath of the peoples champion,The Masked Avenger. It is time to teach her a lesson and so she soon finds herself humiliatingly stripped naked and beaten mercilessly.

He slaps and punches her face, breasts stomach and pussy and even gives
her a good spanking. But this is only the beginning.

The bitch awakes to find herself gagged and tied to a frame. The cleanliness fanatic is now going to find herself on the wrong end of a broom. Her naked flesh is brutal scrubbed clean. Her breasts are brushed till they glisten. Now its time to get the pussy clean. Her stretched out body lathers up well, leaving the sexy bitch wandering which is worse, the degrading humiliation or the raw pain.

This is followed by a good hand brushing. The stiff boar hairs penetrate her pussy and asshole and roughly brush her tingling clitoris.

Next its time for the coarse bottle brush as The Masked Avenger cleans out her sex chute. But he is still not finished. His final task is to
pour Drano down her throat...

its not long before she is spewing out like an active volcano. Job Done.

SIZE: 185 Mb
BIT RATE: 1859 kbps
AUDIO: 138kbps Stereo 44 kHz

SIZE: 534 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1280 X 720
BIT RATE: 3670 kbps
AUDIO: 80kbps Stereo 44 kHz
A Brush With Death
Wheel of Death (WODVOD)
Starring Cindy Dollar
Duration 9 mins 43 secs

Special Agent Cindy has been caught trying to entice military
plans out of the enemy Generals. The court has sentenced
this bewitching honey trap to death by firing squad.

In a grim dark courtyard the Kommandant
starts the command of execution but just then,
a strange object appears over head.....

The occupants decide that Cindy would make an excellent
Guinea Pig for their Experiments.
As the firing Squad takes aim,
a claw comes down and hoists her away

Our modern day Mata Hari suddenly finds herself hurtling through the troposphere.
As the UFO climbs higher the cold air blasts against
her body. As she flies over Everest an
F16 is sent up to intercept the UFO.

Maybe the huge military budget can be defended if they can save Cindy but
unfortunately the interception only makes things worse as she ends up
plummeting to earth and a what would seem to be very watery demise...

Wheel of Death
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