The Fortune Teller Pt2

The Fortune Teller Pt2

The Fortune Teller Pt2

Starring Suzy Barts
Duration 12 mins 48 secs

Safely back at home, Suzy decides to celebrate her new found freedom with a much
deserved masturbating session. The Handcuffs, she stole from the Fortune Teller
will help heighten her Quality Time. Stripped naked. hands cuffed behind her back she
rides a strategically placed dildo. Sliding it deep into her moist pussy, she pounds it mercilessly.

Finally she comes. Satiated and exhausted, she looks for the key to her handcuffs. But where has it gone?
It is then that she realizes she is not alone. It appears that the old hag was correct and now
she will face her predicted fate. The masked maniac goes to work.

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Audio: 96kbps Stereo 44 kHz


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