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Downloading files is pretty much the same here as with most digital stores, except here you download (or open) an HTML file (an internet page) which has all the download links plus other information. This page needs to be opened in your internet browser. Browsers tend to work differently and some are better for downloading than others.
We prefer Mozilla Firefox.
So imagine you have made your purchase using our Paypal Express Checkout (make sure that you confirm your purchase after being redirected back to the store).

1) Go to your order page. If you are not on that page, go to ACCOUNT at the top and click CHECK YOUR ORDER. If you are not logged in then it is simplest to just login first. So go back to ACCOUNT and click LOGIN. Enter Your ID and Password.
2) Now you will be sent to MY ORDER HISTORY. Look at MY ACCOUNT
(On the right and scroll down to Downloads (click on it)
3) Now you are in
Account Downloads. The files are very small because they are HTML/HTM files and not the Film Files. LEFT click on the Download icon.

You maybe only given the option to download. If so, that is not a problem.
You will be asked to save the file to your Hard Drive.
Make a note as to where you are saving the HTML file on your computer/device.
The file will have the name of the film (eg: Horror_film.html/htm).
Now go to the folder (One quick way is to click on the browsers download icon
(such as a downward arrow (top right) in Firefox) and open the folder.

Then just click on the html file and it will open in your browser and
you will see a page with the links

Now, left click on the link(s) and save the files(s) to your hard drive.

If the file is small, such as a Trailer or short Alternate Version then
you can play it on line, if you don't want to download it.
It depends on the size (eg: under 25Mb).

If you want to test your downloading abilities then you can place this order in the basket. This is free. It will have an HTML file that has a Film Link on it. In the link are a few trailers to download.

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