Cindy's Pearl Necklace

Cindy's Pearl Necklace
It's Christmas Eve and Cindy sees an advertisement for a beautiful Pearl Necklace.
But how can she get Santa to give her such an expensive gift? Then she has a bright idea.
That night, just after the clock strikes 12, Father Christmas arrives, She hears him
but pretends that she is asleep, Will he see her Christmas note and will he
take her up on her very improper Christmas proposition?

File: MP4 Size: 339Mb
Duration: 17:37 mins
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Bit Rate: 2686 kbps
Frame Rate: 25fps
Audio: 158kbps (Stereo), 48Khz File:

INCLUDES trailers for A Lesson For The Mayoress, Satan Claus & Santa's Little Stacy!
Plus a Free Behind The Scenes (BTS)

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