Officer in Distress 3

Officer in Distress 3
Starring Cindy Dollar
Duration  23 mins 44 secs
English Language

Officer Cindy is in pursuit of a dangerous villain. She enters his lair. With gun at the ready she
descends into his inner sanctum. But her curiosity could be her undoing. By going it alone
and catching the villain, she could score some extra brownie points
but if things go wrong she will be left to the mercy of infamous Officer killer.

File: MP4
Size: 360Mb
Resolution: 720 x 576 (16/9)
Bit Rate: 2115 kbps
Frame Rate: 25fps
Audio: 159kbps (Stereo) 48Khz

 Includes the Trailer (10mb) plus 5 digital Lobby Cards.

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