For a 2 Dollar War

For a 2 Dollar War
Starring Cindy Dollar & Nicole Vice
Video Download - Duration 25 mins 11 secs

For a Few Dollars More meets The Birds

For a 2 Dollar War
is a fantasy Spaghetti Western. Two gun slingers decide "this town ain't big enough for the both of them" and so a showdown entails in which both gun slingers lose. Down but not out they lie in the dirt unable to move from their wounds. On to the scene happens Trapper Joe who sees his chance to make something of the situation whilst humiliating the pair and indulging in some sadistic fun of his own.
MINI-FEATURE (25.11 mins)
SIZE: 340Mb
RES:  720 X 576
BIT RATE:   2107 kbps
FRAME RATE: 25 fps
AUDIO: 159 kbps Stereo 48khz

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