Custom DVDs

Custom DVDs
Custom DVDs

If you prefer to keep your films in a tangible format then we can make up your own DVD-R 5 (about 2 hours) from any shorts you wish to keep on DVD.
The DVD comes with a proper menu and are ALL Zones NTSC format.
Just select the films you would like and if you want them burned to DVD-R include this CUSTOM DVDs item in your basket. We will burn all the titles you list.
Each DVD is around 2 hours long. So if the films come to 2hrs 15mins, we would probably reduced the bit rate to fit on to a 4.75gb disc. This is something we can discuss or you can leave a comment as to what you want. If you require two discs you will need to order this item twice. This can be done at the initial point of sale or later after discussion.

We will be making a selection of Generic Teraz Films DVD covers available in PDF and JPEG form that you can download and printout and use as a sleeve for your disc. Standard Amaray box size.

The discs do not have face prints and we leave them blank so that you can write on them what you wish. Remember to use a proper DVD marker pen.

International postage is included in the price and of course, we will need you real address for posting. If this is not the same as your account address then you can type the delivery address in the comments section or send the address by email.

Any questions, feel free to email at teraztalk (-@-) t.......f..... com

Please Note: NTSC DVDs will play on PAL DVD players.

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