Kat Zelnik's Teraz Debut

Kat Zelnik's Teraz Debut
Kat Zelnik's Teraz Debut
Starring Katarzyna Zelnik

From Fantom Kiler 1 Station Scene
Duration: 5 mins 52 secs

As the title suggests, this is Siberian Ballerina's first  scene,
filmed in 1998(ish) for the making of Fantom Kiler 1. As usual, we took far too
many takes for what was a very simple scene (If we had only shot one take
we could have backed to back a whole extra film).

Here are all the uncut takes leading up to Katarzyna's first teraz scene.
Less than 5% was actually used in the final scene. Feature films usually working
on a 10:1 ratio - with Fantom Kiler, we were working on a 24:1 ratio
(OK, so it was filmed on digital but there is also a time factor).
Includes the original scene from Fantom Kiler 1

File: MP4
Size: 68 mb
Resolution: 720 X 576
Bit Rate: 1627 kbps
Frame Rate: 25fps
Audio: 157kbps (Stereo), 48 kHz

This purchase also includes a 4.31 mins of Katarzyna playing Cinderella
as she cleans the station in her cut offs & cropped top (WMV version).

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