The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice - Download Version [VOD]
- Starring Cindy Dollar
Duration 22.42 mins
A naked damsel (Cindy Dollar) is dragged out of a barn by a quorum of
rotting Templar Knights. She struggles in vain as they
chain her to a Sacrificial Temple.
Helpless and spreadeagled, a huge dildo is thrust into her
prostrated pussy and soon, uncontrollably, her juices start to flow.
The sloppy dildo is then raised into the air as the
scent of female wafts deep, into the dark forest.
Before long, they hear the sound of the beast as
it responds to their carnal offering.
Slowly and menacingly, it approaches it's trembling prey.
Her nakedness and dripping pussy, the perfect bait to
tempt its violent, insatiable, depredation.

File Type: MP4|
Size: 450Mb
Resolution: 1280 x 720 (16x9)
Bit rate: 2768kbps
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Audio: 111kbps Stereo 48 Khz

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