Rebel Spy Pt 1

Interrogation of a Rebel Spy Pt1

Starring Stacy Silver
Lang: English & Spanish (w/ English subtitles)
Duration: 18 mins 9 secs

Female spy Stacy is sent into the Jungle to act as  a honey trap
to find out the whereabouts   of a rebel brigade lead by Colonel Sanchez.
But the bubble breasted blonde soon  finds she's the honey that gets trapped.

Stacy lies on the cold,damp floor.
A soldier enters and tries to have his way with her.
She sees her chance and after a fight, she escapes into the forest.

File Type: MP4
Size: 324 mb
Resolution: 720 x 576 (16x9)
Bit rate: 2847kbps
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Audio: 160kbps Stereo 44 Khz

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