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Wheel of Death

Wheel of Death
Starring Cindy Dollar
Duration 9 mins 43 secs

Special Agent Cindy has been caught trying to entice military
plans out of the enemy Generals. The court has sentenced
this bewitching honey trap to death by firing squad.

In a grim dark courtyard the Kommandant
starts the command of execution but just then,
a strange object appears over head.....

The occupants decide that Cindy would make an excellent
Guinea Pig for their Experiments.
As the firing Squad takes aim,
a claw comes down and hoists her away

Our modern day Mata Hari suddenly finds herself hurtling through the troposphere.
As the UFO climbs higher the cold air blasts against
her body. As she flies over Everest an
F16 is sent up to intercept the UFO.

Maybe the huge military budget can be defended if they can save Cindy but
unfortunately the interception only makes things worse as she ends up
plummeting to earth and a what would seem to be very watery demise...

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