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Jungle Terror VOD

Jungle Terror VOD

Starring Ally Angel and Stacy Silver
Duration: 24. 41 mins

A nurse (Ally Angel) runs, terrified and exhausted though the dense jungle but right into the arms of her tormentors. She knows that her abductors will show her no mercy for trying to escape their evil clutches.

However, they are not alone in the jungle as a local native girl (Stacy Silver) hears her cries for help. Using her jungle cunning, she over powers the men and releases the nurse for them to both flee into the night...

Jungle Terror Spec:
Ally Angel & Stacy Silver
File: MP4 - Size: 212 Mb
Resolution: 720 x 576
Bit Rate: 1200 kbps
Frame Rate: 20fps
Audio: 112 kbps (Stereo), 48Khz

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