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Mystery Item 1
Teraz Zone Membership
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Teraz Gold Membership
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Mystery Item 1 (MI1)
Mystery Item  No1
A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma;
but perhaps there is a key

This a mystery item, the contents of which can be
discovered with in The Teraz Zone.

There is not much more we can say than that.
You can take  a lucky dip or join 
The Teraz Zone and find out just
what this mystery beholds.
To The Teraz Zone
Mystery Item 1
Teraz Zone Membership (TZ1)

Teraz Zone Membership

As a special promotion the Teraz Zone Membership is a one off - life time payment. With this membership you will get:

1) FREE BTS and Upgrades, etc to many films that you have purchased.
With many films, the upgrades plus extras will be free when you purchase the feature. Also you will be able to download many of the updates to the feature that may become available AFTER you bought the Feature.
(eg: Added subtitles, re-edits, trailers, interviews, etc) You can see the applicable BTS films (more soon) CLICK HERE
Check to see if the item is TERAZ ZONE UPGRADE READY

2) The Teraz Models Directory: useful should you want to finance a movie
3) Teraz Films Galleries: Huge Hi definition images displayed with thumb nails
4) Survey Results: See who has been voted favorite Teraz Star, what Teraz Fans would like to see in future releases
5) Teraz Tunes: A selection of Teraz Films tunes from our feature film releases [MP4 format]
6) Custom Comments: What previous Custom Film Customers thought of their films
7) Film Scripts
8) The Girls of Teraz Films
9) The Teraz Xmas Advent Calendar

Plus a loads more...


As a special promotion the payment is a one off payment
(non recurring - no limit)

Teraz Zone Membership
Gold Members Extension (GM6)

If you have a current Gold Membership you can extend it
for another 6 months for just under $50
(which is a saving of almost 50% on a  yearly membership- based on 2 x purchase).
You will receive a new code by email.
For this deal, the purchase needs to be made before your Gold Membership ends.
Your membership will be extended form the end date of your previous Gold Membership
(plus whatever promotion was offered at the time)
If you wish to add 12 months, 18 months, etc,
just place the item into the basket 2x,3x, etc)

Not only will you get all the current and up and coming releases at
a huge discount, you also won't have to go though the check out process
every time you want to download a film.

If you do not have a current Gold Membership
you can buy a new 1 year Gold Membership Click Here
Gold Membership 6 months
Teraz Gold Membership (GM1)

12 months Membership
One time payment! Non Recurring.
With this Membership you get full access to everything
for 12 Months + 3 MONTHS ADDED for just $1 if you order now
And YES, you can download EVERYTHING -
All The Shorts, Features, various formats, BTS,
interviews, music, images, etc

Plus you get a life times free membership to the Teraz Zone
which carries on even if you decide to let your Gold Membership lapse!
(What a crazy idea!)

(As we said, As a special promotion - we are adding 5 extra months
if you buy a Gold Membership now!)
PLUS! At the end of the year, you can renew your membership
for 6 months for just $50.00!!

You also have full LIFE-TIME access to The Teraz Zone
(Still under re-construction at the moment but there's lots there)

(Some low stock DVDs, Auctions, and other tangible items are not included, etc).


Teraz Gold Membership
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