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Cindy Dollar - Abused & Unused
FF1 Comp 1
Cindy Dollar A&UU (CDAUU-VOD)
Cindy Dollar - Abused & Unused [VOD]
Starring Cindy Dollar (with Ally Angel)
Duration: 31.13 mins

A compilation of unused footage from a selection of films
featuring Cindy Dollar (some for future release).
Most clips are BTS or test shots
Includes a trailer for Brutal Treatment

Duration: 31 mins approx
File Type: MP4
Size: 266 Mb
Resolution: 720 x 576 (16x9)
Bit Rate: 1187kbps
Frame Rate: 24 fps
Audio: 128kbps Stereo 48 Khz

Cindy Dollar - Abused & Unused
FF Comp 1 (FF1VOD)
Duration: 29 mins 35 secs
Video Download [VOD]

A Compilation of Teraz Stars
Includes: Hana Liska, Suzy Barts, Carla Cox, Tiffany Love, Lilly Peterson,

Kate Blond, Stacy Silver, Ally Angel, Cindy Dollar, Maria Vaslova.

Some scenes are slightly re-edited and some are raw footage
(Mean Average of 3 mins per film approx).
This is released in a high frame rate/High bit rate format too keep the image sharp.

SIZE: 509 Mb
RESOLUTION: 720 X 576 (16/9)
BIT RATE: 2403 kbps
AUDIO: 96kbps Stereo
FF1 Comp 1
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