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Discount Coupons (TIP2-117)

If you have over a certain amount of downloads in your basket,
you can add any of these discount coupons at checkout and save money!!
Discounts start as low as for a $25 purchase.
The more you buy, the more you save!

1)  BULK25 10% off, for orders over $25
If your order is over $25, type BULK25 into the coupon box

2)  BULK50 20% off, for orders over $50
If your order is over $50, type BULK50 into the coupon box

3)  BULK100 25% off, for orders over $100
If your order is over $100, type BULK100 into the coupon box

4)  BULK300 40% off, for orders over $300
If your order is over $300, type BULK300 into the coupon box
(This is really for purchasing DVDS or compiled DVDrs, or any tangible item.
If you are only buying Digital downloads, you would be better off getting a Gold Membership)

Below is part of the checkout page. When you fill in the coupon box and click
Apply Coupon it will show you the new discounted price.

If there is nothing to pay - click the Red Checkout button
If there is a remaining balance to pay- click the PayPal Checkout button.

Files Linked So Far (FLSF)
Films Linked So Far

Type  the code into the search engine to get the title (eg: HJS)
You can select this product (it is free)  and type which films you would like to see linked next.
Then check out

product_id=1 HJS
product_id=2 DW
product_id=3 SH3
product_id=4 BBN
product_id=5 HT5
product_id=6 007
product_id=7 HT1
product_id=8 HT2
product_id=9 HT3
product_id=10 BIO
product_id=11 TMR
product_id=12 AR4TB
product_id=13 GM
product_id=14 OID3
product_id=15 OLT
product_id=16 GFNV
product_id=17 TZ1
product_id=18 2$W
product_id=19 HLRW
product_id=20 DDD
product_id=21 HHH
product_id=22 HLOST
product_id=23 MVST
product_id=24 CPN
product_id=25 SIR
product_id=26 HUNG
product_id=26 2SGOMH
product_id=28 POAH
product_id=29 TAM
product_id=30 OID2
product_id=31 TDS
product_id=32 GS
product_id=33 ENHL
product_id=34 RUG
product_id=35 OID1
product_id=36 TIP2
product_id=37 TPS3 
product_id=38 BDFV 
product_id=39 TTT  
product_id=40 ANN
product_id=41 PHCC
product_id=42 BOB
product_id=43 FKSA
product_id=44 LOG1
product_id=45 LOG2
product_id=46 P716
product_id=47 BHB
product_id=48 FKSTRP
product_id=49 FKCYC
product_id=50 FKS12BTS 
product_id=51 GFR1 
product_id=52 GFR2
product_id=53 KOR2 
product_id=54 KOR1
product_id=55 VOS
product_id=56 CON
product_id=57 TRMS123
product_id=58 TPS2
product_id=59 ABWD
product_id=60 HIKZ
Product_id=61 SAC
Product_id=62 TDW
product_id=63 TFT1
product_id=64 TFT2
product_id=65 WPC1
product_id=66 TPS1
product_id=67 BIP1
product_id=68 BIP2
product_id=69 TBD1-2
product_id=70 SAD
product_id=71 TBD-DBS
product_id=72 TBD2
product_id=73 JT
product_id=74 LLLL
product_id=75 SH1
product_id=76 LIS-KL
product_id=77 HLSM
product_id=78 SH3
product_id=79 ASMD
product_id=80 CBGHC
product_id=81 TDMA
product_id=82 HT4
product_id=83 OID3BTS
product_id=84 FIP1
product_id=85 FIP2
product_id=86 SS1
product_id=87 CDAAU
product_id=88 TBA
product_id=89 REB1
product_id=90 REB2
product_id=91 SA1
product_id=92 SA2
product_id=93 SABTS
product_id=94 BG1
product_id=95 BG2
product_id=96 ALFTET
product_id=97 HIH
product_id=98 TRM1
product_id=99 TRM2
product_id=100 TRM3

Product_id=101 TRM4
product_id=102 SAW
product_id=103 CBHL
product_id=104 MHN
product_id=105 FRP
product_id=106 CCMV
product_id=107 FITH
product_id=108 TES1
product_id=109 TES2
product_id=110 TES3
product_id=111 HOC
product_id=112 GCCC
product_id=113 TBDS
product_id=114 NOP
product_id=115 FFCOMP
product_id=116 ECOMP
product_id=117 TIP1
product_id=118 GM6EX 
product_id=119 GM2EX 
product_id=120 HLO1
product_id=121 HLO2
product_id=122 BTFC1234
product_id=123 BTFC1:1
product_id=124 BTFC1:2
product_id=125 BTFC2
product_id=126 BTFC3
product_id=127 BBBURN 
product_id=128 CTWS1 
product_id=129 CTWS2 
product_id=130 CTWS3 
product_id=131 CTWS4 
product_id=132 CATWSDBS
product_id=133 WOD
product_id=134 FK1VOD
product_id=135 KTMVOD
product_id=136 KTMDVD
product_id=137 FK1DVD
product_id=138 FK2DVD
product_id=139 FK3DVD
product_id=140 HLPPT
product_id=141 NNDVD
product_id=142 FK4DVD
product_id=143 MOW2
product_id=144 GILDVD
product_id=145 FS1DVD
product_id=146 FS2DVD 
product_id=147 ERDTDVD
product_id=148 NECKDODVD
product_id=149 MOW2VOD
product_id=150 FK2VOD
product_id=151 NNVOD
product_id=152 FK3VOD
product_id=153 FK4VOD
product_id=154 GILVOD
product_id=155 FS1VOD
product_id=156 TIP3
product_id=157 TRMS1
product_id=158 TRMS2
product_id=159 TRMS3
product_id=160 HPB
product_id=161 TIP4
product_id=162 FS2
product_id=163 HLST
product_id=164 ABDVOD
product_id=165 WT1
product_id=166 WT2
product_id=167 WT3
product_id=168 WET
product_id=169 LUSH
product_id=170 TGSW
product_id=171 FN1
product_id=172 FN2
product_id=173 IOP
product_id=174 MVRW
product_id=175 CUSTDVD
product_id=176 STELLA
product_id=177 DRILL
product_id=178 MOW1VOD
product_id=179 NATS
product_id=180 HH
product_id=181 SPP
product_id=182 FK3ALT1
product_id=183 TT
product_id=184 PBBT
product_id=185 FK12BTS
product_id=186 TLUV1
product_id=187 TLUV2
product_id=188 TLUV3
product_id=189 TLUV4
product_id=190 KITP
product_id=191 BBP
product_id=192 TCM
product_id=193 ACC
product_id=194 BHBJG
product_id=195 MAST
product_id=196 KBJ
product_id=197 TBJ
product_id=198 LB1
product_id=199 BURN1
product_id=200 TBD2-RE

product&product_id=201 TBD2DBS
product&product_id=202 BD2-ELEC
product&product_id=203 TBD2BTS2
product&product_id=204 TBD2BTS1
product&product_id=205 TESDBS
product&product_id=206 TGSWBTS1
product&product_id=207 TGSWBTS2
product&product_id=208 TGSWBTS3
product&product_id=209 TGSW1
product&product_id=210  TGSW2
product&product_id=211  TGSW3
product&product_id=212 BBB




Some advice on checking out (TIP3-156)

Some advise on checking out

All purchases are finalised at the secure PayPal payment site. and not at our store.
We do not have access to any part of your card details

Here are the Checkout Payment Options once you have placed your items in the cart.

1) At checkout, if you are not logged-in and click the Red Checkout Button  you will be asked to
log-in or create an account here, at the Teraz Store (it takes maybe 2 minutes to create an account).

2) If you are already logged in to your Teraz Store account and hit the
Red Checkout Button it will offer
the Payment Options that are available.  That is why it does not go straight to
PayPal. At the moment,
the only option is via our secure PayPal Express. Click PayPal checkout  and you will go to PayPal to pay for your order.

3) If you are logged-in to your Teraz Store account and then hit the PayPal Checkout Button
you will be sent straight to
PayPal. There you can either log into your  PayPal account (Automatically Highlighted)
or choose the 2nd option  and pay by using your Credit/Debit card  (useful If you don't have a
PayPal  account).
You will see this box.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are NOT already logged into the Teraz Store before finalizing your purchase over at PayPal,
you will (probably) not be given an option to pay by Credit/Debit card. This option is only for those who are already
logged into their Teraz Store account. See below

4) Finally. If you have a Coupon Code which is equal to or exceeds the total amount then you must hit the
Red Checkout Button, as you will not be paying for anything. Please note that the Coupon Codes only have one use.
Whatever amount is not used is lost.

So, all things considered, it is probably simpler to log-in before checking out.

Tips on creating an account:
If you do not intend to buy anything that needs to be sent via post then you do not need to be 100%
with your name and address. Before we send any goods we always confirm your physical address
via email (sometimes customers order a DVD, thinking they bought the VOD version). So we check
via email, that you wanted a DVD and not a VOD (Video Download) and also ask for you to confirm your address.
If we don't get a reply after a few emails, we send it to the address in the PayPal Order details.

Any questions or problems please  Contact us

Film Upgrade Payment (FUP)
Film Upgrade Payment

As a Teraz Zone Member, if you buy an item eg:  Captured Slave Pt4  $11.95 
And then wished you had bought the Digital Box Set
eg:  Captured Slave Digital Box Set  $25.95
You can buy the Box Set - minus the video bought (eg: $11.95)
Which in this case includes:
CAPTURED SLAVE PART 1 (9.40 mins) $7.95CAPTURED  SLAVE PART 2 (17.41 mins ) $8.95 
CAPTURED  SLAVE PART 3 (36.50 mins) $10.95CAPTURED  SLAVE PART 4 (18.27 mins) $11.95
*****Total amount if bought individually $39.80)   Total duration time 83 mins approx
THE COMPLETE BEHIND THE SCENES (30.56 mins) Included in the price
To get the price for the upgrade you need to contact us via the
Teraz Store Form or the Teraz Contact Form or our email (on our site)
Just tell us what you bought and what you want to upgrade to and include
your Teraz Zone Code
  (ID & Password).
If everything is OK then we will send you the amount and you input it here.
The value here is $1.00 - so if the price difference is $9, you would set the quantity to 9.
Teraz Store Form  ***** Teraz Contact Form ***** email (on our site)
1) You have to be a Teraz Zone Member to apply for this upgrade
2) Do not send the amount before contacting us.
3) The Upgrade can apply towards most items but we need to agree to it first.
4) This is an experimental idea that we have added to the Teraz Zone benefits and
can be withdrawn at anytime. For the complete list of benefits Click Here

How this Store Works (TIP4)

How the Teraz Store Works:
When you purchase a digital media file, you do not directly download the media file.
You download a web page which has all the links and sometimes more.
Our web pages have the standard suffix .html or .htm and are just a few kilobytes in size
Download the web page to your computer then open the web page in your Browser and you will see all the links and download info.

CLICK HERE to see an example of what you will receive
If you download and keep the tiny HTML file (and you are a Teraz Zone Member) you can use it to upgrade
to newer versions of the film that may be released in the future -including new formats (eg: WMV to MP4)
You can see the full range of Additions and Upgrades HERE

When you download digital media files via our web pages you get the full Teraz Films Experience.
We can also includes some extras, such as picture galleries, mp3s, and other related stuff
We can also add another benefit for
Teraz Zone Members.
If we make an upgrade to any films in the future (eg: add subtitles, include some extra SFX, etc),
then you can get those upgrades for FREE!
You would click on the upgrade link (See Here),
answer an easy question and proceed to the new upgrades

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