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Stacy's Xmas Frolic (PHOTO1)
Stacy's Xmas Frolic - Photo Set

A photo shoot taken during the making
of Santa's Little Secret

This Gallery has about 35 super high resolution images of  Stacy in the snow
(which is a special built set, complete with snow machine)
She looks just fine in her  pair of ear muffs  and cute furry boots.
The files are in Jpeg format and are much larger than any other sites offer.
The Biggest file dimensions are 2592 x 2592 pixels

The Reindeer Will Eat Well Tonight! (PHOTO1)
Ally's Xmas Nightmare
The Reindeer Will Eat well Tonight!

To thank Santa for his presents, the locals always put out some
food for Santa's Reindeer. 
This year Ally supplies the festive vittles

This Gallery has 30 images set out with thumb nails. 
Most images have some short fun text describing 
Ally's  predicament
The files are in Jpeg format and are much larger than any other sites offer.
The biggest file dimensions are 2592 x 2592 pixels.
So you can really zoom in on the details
(the sample below is 600 x 455 pixels).
20 of the 30 images are over 2000 pixels in resolution, across
Plus you get a  short BTS video and 2 versions of
"Won't you kiss me under the Mistle Toe?"

2 Officers in Distress BTS (OID4BTS )
Two Officers in Distress
Behind The Scenes [VOD]
Female Police Officers in Distress BTS
Starring Ally Angel & Stacy Silver
Duration  19 mins 41 secs - English Language

A behind the scenes look at the making of Two Officers in Distress with Stacy and Ally.
Pretty much all the footage is here, complete with out takes and re-takes in slow motion

This BTS is free to Teraz Zone Members who bought the actual film 
Two Officers in Distress

File: MP4 
Duration: 19:41
Size: 140 Mb
Resolution: 720 x 576 (33:1)
Bit Rate: 991 kbps
Frame Rate: 25fps
Audio: 1608kbps (Stereo) 48Khz

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